On Europe's Three Year Insolvency Anniversary - The Definitive Interactive Infographic

Looking back, it seems like only yesterday that the world's realized, "out of the blue" that Europe was, gasp, insovlent. Alas, as the following terrific "walk through memory lane" interactive infographic from the Guardian reveals, it has now been well over three years and counting, with everything starting with this October 2009 article in the FT, "Greece vows action to cut budget deficit" in which then-PM G-Pap revealed a massive hole in the Greek official economic data and that its budget deficit would be double what was previously forecast. The rest is history, and now Greece is a shell, with unemployment off the charts, its finances and economy in shambles, and the whole country serving as a passthru funding vehicle for Europe to keep its own banks, and the ECB, solvent.

For a teary-eyed trip through Europe's insolvency memory lane, this interactive inforgraphic will do perfectly for a wet and soggy pre-Frankenstorm Sunday.

h/t RanSquawk