NYC's Luxuriest Building Is First Sandy Casualty: Live Webcast Of Crane Dangling On 75th Floor

While we are still hours away from "Peak Storm", the structural casualties are already adding up.  FDNY reports a 2nd alarm alert at the soon-to-be tallest residential building in Manhattan - 157 West 57th Street (aka One57, where recently a record price was paid for a duplex apartment) entailing a dangling crane. The area is being evacuated - to somewhere we assume that does not have cranes (good luck finding that). The critical question for Steve Liesman remains - how much more is a 'broken crane' worth to GDP than a 'broken window'? Live stream embedded below...


UPDATE: New York City officials order evacuation of upper floors of several buildings near site of partially collapsed crane.

Here is the clip of the actual collapse!!!


Here is the close-up stream of the crane (via NBC):

View more videos at:



And CBS Local news updates:

Current Over/Under on collapse is 6/9 hours


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