Syrian Tanks Enter Golan Heights DMZ, Israel Military Warns

With everyone's attention focused on the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, some may have forgotten that the Middle East is the proverbial powder keg, just waiting for an Archduke and a lit match, not necessarily in that order. Moments ago, Israel's military reminded us of just that when it reported that 3 Syrian tanks have entered the Golan Heights DMZ. Because it appears that the absolutely deranged and insane (or at least that's how it will be portrayed) Syrian regime is not satisfied with provoking the humanistic Western media with "offensive" measures taken against both Turkey and Lebanon, it now has decided to enter the lion's mouth, and is begging, just begging, for a UN-endorsed retaliation. How soon until Syria floats a submarine into New York harbor where it explodes but only after leaving a convenient note saying "Death to the Infidels, Love Syria." Or something just as realistic.

Syrian tank as seen in the border area.

Smoke marks the border area

From AP:

Israel's military says three Syrian tanks have entered the demilitarized zone in the Golan Heights.


A military spokeswoman says Israel complained to the U.N. peacekeeping force in the area after the tanks entered Saturday.


The spokeswoman, who spoke on condition of anonymity in line with military protocol, did not elaborate. The relatively low-key response suggested Israel did not see the armor as an immediate threat.


There are concerns in Israel that violence from Syria's civil war could spill over a long-quiet frontier. Misfired Syrian shells have exploded inside Israel on several occasions. Israel captured the Golan Heights from Syria in the 1967 Mideast war and annexed it.

And translated from Israeli Ynet, which was the original source of the information:

Tanks entered the village of Bir Ajami, a few miles from the IDF outpost, and took part in fighting against rebel forces. Following entry, the alert level was raised Northern Command Heights area. Army also filed a complaint to the headquarters of the UN forces that enforce the ceasefire.


According to information received from the army, along with three Syrian tanks also operate two armored personnel carriers, but this report has not been verified.


Tanks entered the village of Bir Ajami, a few miles from the IDF outpost, and took part in fighting against rebel forces taking place in recent days. Stated, the incident exception, raised the level of alert and vigilance of the Northern Command area Heights. Addition, the last day several mortar shells fell shot in the internal conflict in Syria in the demilitarized zone between Israel and Syria, one of which may be causing a fire broke out on Mount strength adjacent to the border.


The IDF said that although no mortar shell landed in Israel. Firefighters were extinguishing the fire place, and at the end of operation, the IDF and the saboteurs are expected to search the area and see if the fire broke out as a result of one of the shells fell. Does not damage the IDF post at the top of the mountain and there were no injuries. Meanwhile, the IDF blocked access to the border area.


In recent months intensified fighting between the rebels and the Syrian army in the Golan, especially in the village Joey thought linked to cell border, and recently also drifted south. A month ago, fell several mortar shells in agricultural areas in Israel, near the border with Syria to the north plateau. No injuries or damage. Apparently, it was bombs fired by Syrian army, in efforts to repel the rebels and end the violent conflict that affects the country in recent months.


The attack took place a day before the opening of an international conference in Doha, Qatar, which come with a Syrian opposition activists are expected to recognize the United States and its partners led the resistance. Since the beginning of the uprising doubted the effectiveness of leadership in exile due to the loose connection to the rebels fighting in the area.

Well, it's settled then: Syria can't wait to start a war, hopefully one which also involves Iran, and provokes the punishment of NATO and the west, but best if it keeps Russia and China out of it, because the last thing even Israel wants is to start World War 4.

In the meantime, the US naval update in the region shows a whopping 4 tactical groups now in the Arabian gulf: 2 carriers group, and two big-deck amphibious groups.

Source: Stratfor