Bunga Bunga vs Brrrrrm: Ferrari Boss To Challenge Berlusoni In Italy Premier Race

A week ago we reported that as part of the surge in the Italian anti-austerity movement, the time had come for none other than that forced exile (courtesy of the ECB's bond yield tactics) whose political career ended prematurely precisely one year ago, Silvio Berlusconi, to announce not only his political ambitions, but his desire for vengeance when he made it clear he is willing and ready to scuttle Mario Monti's cabinet. It appears that in the April elections, Silvio may now be challenged by none other than Ferrari head, Luca de Montezomolo, boss of the Scuderia, who Ansa reports "has hinted he might rethink his recent No to stepping into the political ring after April elections."

From Ansa:

In an interview, Montezemolo did not rule out accepting a request to be premier if that served to "unite" conservatives who have lost their main rallying point because of turmoil in ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi's People of Freedom (PdL) party.


He said the time for uniting conservatives and "regenerating politics" after a string of scandals that has deepened public disaffection with traditional parties was "now or never again".

He is not the only one: unelected leader, and Goldman appointee, Mario Monti has also warned he may do something rather drastic, and run for the popular vote.

Current technocrat Premier Mario Monti has also said he might serve again if the elections ended in a tied parliament.

Then again, this is Italy, where the second most popular party currently is the Five Star protest movement lead by comedian Beppe Grillo. This would be comparable to Stephen Colbert being in the running according to various slanted and biased media's "black box" models.

The centre-left Democratic Party (PD) is polling at around 27% compared to comedian Beppe Grillo's Five Star protest movement's 18% and the PdL's 13% but the PD is facing a choice between centrist and leftist allies to pin its hopes on forming a government coalition.


The Five Star movement scored the heaviest in Sicily elections last weekend where a PD governor was elected in alliance with the centrist UDC and the PdL plunged to less than a quarter of its previous support.

Beppe Grillo in action.

And a Ferrari in action:


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