Comic Interlude: Mark Cuban Vs Donald Trump

By now we are confident that everyone is sick to death and beyond of listening about elections, polling, conditional probabilities, permutations, (confusing) statistical sampling and heuristics, and all those other things that the vast majority of the population fail in STAT 101 yet somehow end up as experts in during cocktail hour, on TV, on Op-Ed columns and, of course, on twitter. Which is why we are delighted to bring you this comic interlude. Presenting Donald "The Hairpiece" Trump vs Mark "Avion Tequila" Cuban.

It all started with this:

And then quickly got out of hand - and by out of hand we mean a Donald Trump self-promotional circus... because nobody would expect anything less, or more.



















* * *

And so on.

Because this, ladies and gents, is how some people spend their time...


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