Bain Capital's Hedge Fund Prices Second CLO As Credit Bubble Simmers

We will have much more to say on the grandiose return of CLOs in the next few days (those who were not in high school during the peak of the credit crisis, so most of today's "traders", recall these peak credit bubble contraptions quite well) but for now we just wanted to bring to our readers' attention that yet another $625 million CLO has just priced, this time from Sankaty, courtesy of Morgan Stanley. Anyone needing confirmation that the credit bubble is back with a bang, need look no further than the table below.

Per Leveraged Loan:

We look forward with amusement once the confused peanut gallery, aka CTRL-C/V majoring "financial media" (where even the somewhat more qualified are about to be "synergized" following news that the FT is pushing hard with a sale), realizes that Sankaty is Bain Capital's $20 billion credit affiliate hedge fund, especially if the election goes for Romney, and goes all aflutter googling what a CLO is and what it means for the flood surge level of liquidity in the market (but, but, Bernanke is printing it all for the children... and housing).


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