Live Election Tracker

As the first exit polls start trickling in, readers can keep track of the live action with the following handy maps, selected from various websites. As a reminder, exit polls are about as predictable as any other polling 'data point' based on +/-4% error margin sampling, which in turn is virtually every data point used to feed Garbage In, Garbage Out "predictors", "simulators" and other "black boxes" which forecast the future with triple digit "accuracy." Simply said, in an election in which the margin of difference in the key electoral states (not to mention the popular vote) is far narrower than the error rate, take everything you have heard about the final outcome and burn it, or sell it and buy several Stat 101 credits at the local community college.

ABC News link:


Bloomberg TV:

There are enough links below so that readers of every political persuasion should be able to find just the appropriate echo chamber.









Intrade betting map:

Last, and certainly least, CNN:


Finally, for those who wish to play with the various electoral college permutations, here they are again: