Charting The Secular Decline (To Come) In Advanced Economy House Prices

It would appear that Americans are in general an optimistic bunch. The slightest green shoot of economic growth, or market trend-reversal, or Tigers' home run in the World Series and it is instantly extrapolated into "what could be". The US housing market (among others around the world) is just such a glimmer of hope (and homebuilder stock prices surely provide all the proof you need... just like JCP's 12% jump on 9/19? followed by its 46% decline since...). The trouble is, no matter how much you want something to happen; sometimes, there really is no way it's ever gonna happen. To wit, the young/old dependency ratios in the following six major economies of the world suggest whatever 'Eastman Kodak' bounce some housing markets are experiencing will inevitably be short-lived (no matter how much foreign cash is driven back into these advanced economies).

Economies are becoming a little 'over-burdened'...


which suggests the driver for house price appreciation just won't be there...


Charts: Citi


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