Biggest UMich Miss In 4 Years Follows Biggest UMich Beat In 5 Years

If you aren't thoroughly confused, confounded and outright disgusted by the newsflow supposed to represent the US economy, you aren't paying attention. Because two weeks after the preliminary UMich print was supposed to come at 82.2, instead soaring to 84.9, or the biggest beat of expectations in 5 years, we get the final UMich number, which missed expectations of a 84.5 read and plunged to 82.7, the biggest miss of expectations in 4 years. Of course, this makes sense: two weeks ago we had the euphoria associated with a new old president, and hope that 4 more years may fix this country. Two weeks, and the biggest market drop in one year later, enthusiasm has been doused just a tad. And adding insult to injury, 1 Year inflation expectations rose from 3.0% to 3.1% - just as the spectre of declining asset prices has reared its ugly head, yet this is well below the 2.8% expected for 5 year inflation -  as a reminder, in 5 years the Fed's balance sheet will be between $6 and 10 trillion. Boy is everyone in for a surprise...

But the bottom line: the long-standing tradition of "confuse everyone with BS" continues, as investors desperate for some stability either to the up or downside, are unable to get a bearing for the 4th year in a row.

Two weeks ago:

And today:


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