Is The EUR Too Expensive?

Relative to interest rates (and swap spread differentials), the EURUSD is at almost its most 'expensive' in 15 months. It appears support for a 'strong' EUR is waning; as the swap rate tends to signal, even ECB President Draghi - as Bloomberg Briefs notes - suggested support on the Governing Council for a reduction of the main policy rate has increased appearing to have used the downward revision to the Eurosystem staff GDP forecasts as an excuse to soften his tone. Between Spain's auctions hitting a wall of 'virtual intervention limits' and Italy's political turmoil, it appears (at least fundamentally) that the EUR should be weaker (we suepct currently aided by incessant repatriation flows). Options markets are pricing in expectations of further weakness but it appears the EURUSD rate remains bound by the Fed-to-ECB expectations of a wholesale Spanish bailout (increase in ECB balance sheet) and the Fed's expansion via QE4. For now, positioning is not indicating any squeeze with the net speculative shorts at the lowest level since September 11 - coincidentally the last time EURUSD was so rich to swap spreads.



Chart: Bloomberg


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