Is The FB Short Squeeze Over?

From the lows on 11/12/12 at under $19, Faceplant has managed an impressive 50% or so levitation that has been generously positioned as being due to Zuckerberg's expert guidance and confirmation that it is in fact a viable business. The two mega volume spikes from 10/24 and 11/14 appear to have provided more ammunition as short-interest surged to record levels. The last two weeks have seen Facebook's resurgence slowing and despite the protestations of a thousand entrenched vested interests, it would appear that, simply put, this was a mega short-squeeze as short-interest has plunged to its lowest since June. One can't help but consider that those momentum buyers now in the stock will be disappointed as the short-covering scramble appears to be over for now as the last month's mega unwind has played out.


Lower pane shows the collapse in short-interest.


Chart: Bloomberg


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