France Threatens To Kick Belgium Out Of The Socialist Club

As more and more wealthy French bourgeousie flee (first Arnault, now Depardieu) the nation of their birth to the smaller and better-beer-making nation of Belgium, it seems that socialist president Hollande is not amused. His cunning plan to tax the crepe out of the uber-wealthy has back-fired - quelle surprise - and in the most passive aggressive statement in a while, Agence France-Presse notess that Hollande 'patriotically' demands "there's no other way" than to revise fiscal agreements with countries (cough Belgium cough) offering advantageous tax rates. AFP goes on to note his additional rantings, "We're reconciling our budget policies, we must reconcile our tax policies," Hollande said at a press conference in Brussels as France is "forced to renegotiate the tax convention to deal with those who have moved to some Belgian village." Shame really.


Via AFP (Google Translate): Depardieu: Holland wants to renegotiate tax treaties with Belgium

December 14 (AFP) - President François Hollande has Appeal in Brussels on Friday, a "ethical behavior" of each, and has called for a renegotiation of tax treaties with Belgium, about exile tax actor Gerard Depardieu.


"Everyone must be ethical, regardless the business that, "said the head of the French state, interviewed during a press conference after the summit Europe.


He felt that there was "no other way to do" that "review (the) tax treaties" with countries offer tax advantages. France would thus he said, "have to renegotiate the tax treaty (with Belgium) to treat the case of those who settled in a Belgian village. "


"They are suspicious, it's a socialist mayor," he quipped Mr. Holland, in an allusion to the village where Néchin Gérard Depardieu acquired a property, as before him other wealthy French.


"We align our fiscal policy, we harmonize our tax policies, "he said.


Castigating the "dumpings tax" charged by some European countries with respect to companies or individuals, it warned that it was "not in favor of procedures amnesty "tax.


The departure of Gérard Depardieu for Belgium is "quite pathetic, "said Wednesday the Prime Minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault.


Néchin village, distant only a mile the French border and the town of Roubaix (Nord), in 27% of French residents, often very wealthy, including members Mulliez family, which controls the distribution group Auchan.


Belgium offers special conditions advantageous for large fortunes French: there is not tax on capital, or capital gains tax and inheritance are cheaper than in France.


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