Direct Award In $35 Billion 5 Year Auction Soars To Record High

The recent surge in Direct Bidder records continues, and in the aftermath of yesterday's 2 Year which saw a record low Indirect takedown, the historic surge in the Direct award in today's 5 Year was almost anticlimactic. The auction in broad strokes: Treasury sold $35 billion in 5 year bonds at a yield of 0.769%, just wide of the When Issued of 0.765%, and at a 2.72 Bid to Cover, not tragic, but well below the TTM average of 2.88, and as the chart below shows, it appear that an inflection point in the BTC for the series life was hit about a year ago, and the interest in the bonds is now declining. The internals were ugly: the Indirect take down was a low 32.4%, with a huge Hit Rate of 89.8% based on a $11.3 billion award out of $12.6 billion in offeres tendered. This was the lowest Indirect take down since November 2010. Primary Dealers were awarded 37.2%, the lowest since April 2010, which logically meant that Directs have to take up the slack, and sure enough they did, with an award of 30.%, the highest on record. Is there some major shift in the underlying dynamics for US paper based on these recent results? You bet. What is said shift? We hope to find out soon enough.