Time To IPO The Fed?

Forget Facebook; Bob Pisani would be cock-a-hoop. Imagine the euphoria and excitement from a Fed IPO? What better way for the rich to get even richer than to buy shares in the world's most profitable hedge fund. And for those saying this is preposterous and that central banks should never trade publicly we bring you exhibit A: The Bank of Japan



We do note that since Abe's re-election, the BoJ's share price has risen a magnificent 37% (still think a Fed IPO is bad idea? - just think what fun the algos would have with it?)

8301.JP - Description:

The Bank of Japan serves as Japan's central bank who seeks to maintain price stability and to ensure the stability of the nation's financial system.  The Bank issues and maintains bills, executes monetary policy, acts as clearing house for nation's banks, administrates treasury, issues government bonds, intervenes foreign exchange markets, and provides economic data and statistics.


Use of Proceeds: Pay Down Debt? Cover MtM Losses? Finance expansive vol selling?