Another Record Direct Bid Award In Today's 3 Year Auction

A month after December's 3 Year bond auction drew a record Direct bidder takedown, the Treasury has just auctioned off another batch of $32 billion in TSYs, which was almost a carbon copy of last month, with weak Indirect interest (28.4% Indirects), a stable Bid To Cover of 0.3623, increasing from last month's 0.3356%, a high yield of 3.85% (5.51% awarded at the high), just inside of the 0.386% When Issued, and another record Direct Bidder take down, rising to 26.4%, and just shy of surpassing the Indirects, as happened in December. The curious shift away from Indirects to Directs continues, even as Primary Dealers as usual pocket around half of the auction, to be used a near cash-equivalent collateral in various repo markets (and afterwards perhaps using the cash repo proceeds to sell IG9 indices?) Keep an eye on the Bid to Cover in future auctions as we may have hit a ceiling in this old-fashioned metric which has lately been moving sideways, and outright downward in some other TSY bond year.