European Stocks Discover VIX Algo; Bonds/EURUSD Ain't Buying It

While not to the level of US sophistry, European equities enjoyed the day driven by further compression in Europe's VIX. The big winners were Spanish and Italian stocks (now up 2% on the week) as Europe's VIX drops to one-month lows. However, the correlated risk-on awesomeness did not flop over into anything but the high-beta nominal prices of equities. EURUSD slid all day (with a slight bump into the close); Italian and Spanish sovereigns bled wider all day (with a slight give back in the latter part); and corporate and financial credit stayed wide as stocks soared. With EUR weakness (remember the Fed/ECB framework), we wonder if European equity strength is merely rotation from US to Europe? Or is it merely front-running the sell-the-news event at the ECB tomorrow?


Europe's VIX motivated equity's correlated bid early on today...


The equity vs debt and FX divergence...


and stocks and credit are diverging notably ahead of tomorrow's ECB meeting..


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