Widest Discrepancy Ever Between AAPL Reality And Analyst Hopium

With price-targets now apparently nothing more than a 'talking-point', it is, perhaps, of little surprise that the gap between the average sell-side analyst's price target for AAPL and the current price is the widest it has ever been. And of course, the 'buys' versus 'sells' has not budged at all... for your reading pleasure, the 50 analysts' price targets for AAPL... and the two non-lemmings (Per Lindberg and Edward Zabitsky) that see potential downside for AAPL.

Average price target (orange) vs price (black)- and the difference (lower pane)... Evidently the number of 'buys' versus 'sells' has hardly budged...


with Topeka proudly clinging to their $1111 price target (talking point)...


Data: Bloomberg


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