Greek Tax Tzar: "I Have Difficulty Paying Property Taxes"

While it may be a little early for humor this week, this was just too ridiculous to pass up. As Keep Talking Greece notes, Charis Theocharis - Greece's new revenues general secretary - recently appeared at a conference and made the rather intriguing "me neither" reply to an audience member's “I have no money to pay property taxes" comment. “Me too, as all of you, I have difficulties to pay the property taxes,” a rather perplexed Theocharis told the audience in an effort to continue his speech.

This follows former deputy PM Theodoros Pangalos, a PASOK MP for several decades, who had often claimed he could not pay property taxes for his more than 50 residences.

If those who have salaries cannot pay property taxes, what should the unemployed or the pensioner do who has a roof over his head but no other income?