Hedging The Great Unwind - Second Highest Treasury Put Volume On Record Hits The Tape

In early June 2007, Treasury futures saw their largest-ever put volume traded (821,978 contracts) and within a few days, Treasury yields had peaked at 5.32% and never looked back. Yesterday, according to CME data, Treasury futures put volume hit 758,020 contracts (second only to that 2007 high) as 74% of the entire options trading volume was in puts (and 88% of 5Y futures options were puts!). With the FOMC tomorrow and everyone seemingly convinced that the 'great rotation' is in place, it would appear the crowded trade is being bearish bonds.



Is the world expecting a 'hint' at relative tightening from Bernanke tomorrow? and what will that do to equity prices?


(h/t Brad Wishak of NewEdge)