The Chart That Keeps RIMM Shareholders Up At Night, And BlackBerry 10 Launch

As the world awaits the launch of the iBlackberry 10 this morning, we thought some reflection on the hope that is priced into RIMM's shares in comparison to the reality on the ground. The trends below will need violent distortion if the new BustBerry is to win and Thorsten Heins dreams come true... if you build it? Though, as Bloomberg notes, IDC estimates that RIMM will only have 4.1% of the market by 2016 - little changed from today..."The low-hanging fruit is the BlackBerry faithful, after that, they bump up against the Android and  Apple users out there."

The live webcast can be seen here:

And for everyone who is curious what RIMM's plan to combat this collapse in market share is, here is Wired's live blog of the reveal event.