Mario Draghi Speaks In Spanish Congress, Media Blackout Ensues

Just because Europe is such a vast and open democracy, where nobody keeps secrets from anyone, it is only logical that Mario Draghi's visit to Spain, where he spoke to domestic lawmakers in the Congress, would be shrouded in secrecy so stringent and oppressive, that all forms of electronic communication were purposefully killed ahead of the speech.

As El Diaro reports: "This morning congress services have cut wi-fi signals and frequency inhibitors have been used to limit the operation of cell phone lines. All with one goal: to prevent the words of ECB President Mario Draghi, to leave the closed room and become public." This was a last minute decision as it "caught by surprise" deputies who had announced their intention to live broadcast the words of the president of the ECB up through a website created for the occasion. It gets better: "The digital lock in the lower house tax has caused chaos among accredited journalists, who have had to continue to do their work without internet connection, with difficulty using their mobile phones without any signal to communicate with the outside." And the culmination: "This chronicle has been dictated from a pay phone." It almost makes one wonder just what latest set of top secret "truth" that can not possibly see the light of day for cross reference purposes, Mario Draghi is currently spreading in Spain. Almost.

And now that the closed door meeting has concluded, Draghi is speaking live at the following webcast: