Confirmation Hearing Of Treasury Secretary Nominee Jack Lew - Webcast

Per C-Span: "The Senate Finance Committee will hold a confirmation hearing Wednesday for Treasury Secretary nominee Jacob "Jack" Lew. If approved, he will replace Timothy Geithner. Among the topics he will address include the state of the economy, strategies for reducing the budget deficits, economic ties with China along with questions about global currency war. Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT), Ranking Member of the Senate Finance Committee, said in a statement that the "We need a better understanding of his role at Citigroup, what his knowledge is of financial markets, whether he supports reforming our tax code, whether he believes in a robust trade policy and what kind of plan the Obama Administration has to confront our skyrocketing debt and our broken entitlement programs. As we move forward, I’m hopeful that Mr. Lew will answer some remaining questions that I have." According to AP, "After Wednesday's hearing, committee members will have two days to send questions to Lew to answer before they vote. The full Senate could vote on the nomination late this month."

Live webcast below:

The Lew full testimony can be found here, and the word cloud of the most popular words is below. He obviously, "wants" much.


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