Japan Reflation Deathwish Leads To A 20% Refinery Capacity Cut

As if the 20% JPY devaluation over the last few months was not enough, the Japanese government is going directly at the core of the inflation manufacturing business... they have imposed sanctions that Japan's five largest refiners cut their production by 1.1million barrels per day (or 20%). We recently noted (here and here) the rise in both the price of gasoline (at record highs) and JPY-based price of the raw material (WTI or Brent) - and it seems Abenomics can only see the upside of the inflationary cycle (as they cut supply) - as opposed to the consumer-sentiment-sapping margin-crushing deflationary impact of higher input costs to life. One thing is for sure, Abe is all-in - no matter what G-20 defense he offers. Perhaps this is why JGBs have not reacted as much - they are seeing through the short-term inflationary hope to the longer-term deflationary dump.


Remember... the lagged impact of high energy costs...


Chart: Bloomberg