The First Italian Exit Polls Are Out

And here we go with the first Senate exit polls from RAI:

  • BERSANI 36%-38%,
  • BERLUSCONI 30%-32%
  • GRILLO 17%-19%,
  • MONTI 7%-9%

As for the chamber:

  • BERSANI 35-37%
  • BERLUSCONI 29-31%
  • GRILLO 19-21%

Visual summary from Il Giornale - Senate:

And Chamber:

The turnout of the elections is estimated to be 76.6%, compared to 80.6% in 2008, and the lowest since World War 2.

Expect more data, lots of it conflicting in the coming minutes and hours. To summarize: Berlusconi+Grillo may end up with a majority, yet due to the way the Senate seats are assigned, the current outcome may be sufficient for Bersani.

As a reminder, the Senate winner needs 158 seats for outright majority (more here)


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