Treasury Sells $35 Billion In 5 Year Paper In Boring Auction As Yield Drops

There was nothing notable about today's just concluded $35 billion 5 year auction, with the possible exception of the fact that at a high yield of 0.777% (of which just 12.5% was allotted at the high), just inside the When Issued 0.778% at 1 pm, this was the first yield drop in three months, breaking the sequence of rising yields since December 2012 when Bernanke announced his $1 trillion balance sheet expansion program for 2013. Aside from that, the Bid to Cover of 2.85 was just shy of January's 2.88, and on top of the TTM average of 2.86. The Direct takedown was a weakish 14.3%, the lowest since September 2012, Indirects saw a 41.7% allocation, the highest since November, and the remainder was given to the Dealers, who will as usual promptly flip their quota back to the Fed while picking up several point in margin spread at the upcoming POMOs. Overall a snoozer, which however with tomorrow's last auction for this week, will take total record US debt which was $16.61 trillion higher by $53 billion to $16.7 trillion, or a 105% debt/GDP rounded up.


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