Tim Geithner To Hold Financial Crisis Seminars

When it comes to generating near-apocalyptic financial crises, there are few men quite as qualified as the former NY Fed and US Treasury head Tim Geithner. Which is why it is not at all unexpected that while he is drafting his tell all memoirs, which may or may not include details on why he leaked confidential market moving Fed information to Wall Street's banks, the TurboTax expert is set to take the university circuit by storm and teach young and impressionable minds about how not to do anything he did. As WSJ reports, "Former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner plans to hit the university circuit in the coming months, conducting a series of seminars on financial crises. Mr. Geithner, who left the Obama administration last month after four eventful years at Treasury, should have unique insights on such crises. He was president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and then Treasury secretary during the 2008-2009 financial meltdown. Mr. Geithner has committed to seminars at Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Northwestern University, Princeton University and the University of Michigan." Surely, the future central planners of the world are already shaking with anticipation.

Mr. Geithner’s seminars, first reported by Politico, will focus on crisis prevention and crisis response, a spokeswoman said Wednesday. The goal is to create academic research that future policy makers and the public can use to better understand how and why governments act amid financial catastrophe.


The first seminar is planned for early March. Mr. Geithner plans to do a total of five to 10 over the course of the next year. More schools will be added. He won’t be paid for the seminars, the spokeswoman said.


The format is likely to be in smaller group roundtable, classroom or dinner sessions, the spokeswoman said.


Mr. Geithner, based in New York, earlier this month announced plans to write a book and join the Council on Foreign Relations as a distinguished fellow.


He’s also planning paid speeches as well as some engagements for nonprofit organizations and charities for no fee.

Perhaps it is not too late to petition that alongside Geithner, universities also demand that Bernie Madoff run parallel courses on the long-term viability of the US financial system and the fundamental "fair value" of the stock market, coupled with the occasional "client account sanctity" masterclass by one Jon Corzine.

After all, if reality has been fully LBOed by the Onion, one has to be fully invested for the Great Rotation into sheer full retardedness.