Dennis Rodman Puts The New Abnormal Into Absurd Perspective

In yet another day in which no matter how good or bad (and by bad we obviously mean very good) the news is the only outcome is the now endless levitation in the DJIA, here is something out of left field. "14 time zones away" field. Because who better to explain what is "really" happening in the new grotesque, surreal, absurd abnormal, where up is down, bad is good is better, Americans engaged in combat in the US can and will be blown up by remote controled US airplanes, and absolutely everything is centrally-planned, than Dennis Rodman.

From the Daily Currant:

After his announcement [that he is moving to Pyongyang to coach the North Korean basketball team] Rodman took questions from the assembled journalists, who were especially keen to inquire about his increasing engagement with a regime known for terrible human rights abuses.


"Yeah, I heard in the media that maybe he's killed thousands in death camps," Rodman explained,"But how do we know that's true? This is the same media that told us that Pol Pot and Stalin killed millions, and everyone knows that was just CIA propaganda right?


"So I don't know anything about that. You can't believe what you hear in the media. He's always been real cool with me, so I'm cool with him, ya know?


"America puts people in jail too. Don't act like we're different just because we give them a trial and all that. That's some nonsense right there. Just some nonsense."


Asked about North Korea's prospects for qualifying for the basketball competition at the 2016 games, Rodman says he's optimistic about their chances.


"They got some good ball players over there, and they just need a little guidance. See that's what I'm all about. That's what the Olympics are all about. Trying to bring peace though sports.


"Maybe if Obama stopped all this CIA drone nonsense and started playing more basketball, we wouldn't be having all these problems."

P.S. The Daily Currant is known to stretch and openly fabricate the truth... almost as much as the US government and the mainstream media. Only the Currant's approach is at least known and appreciated by all.