What Recession: 2012 Lamborghini Deliveries Up 50% In The US, 34% In Europe

AP PhotoA record number of Americans may be collecting food stamps, but things for the 1% have rarely been better, as confirmed not only by the now daily tradition of record-er Dow Jones highs, but this time by Lamborghini sales, which according to AP soared by 50% in the US and up by 34% in the recession-riddled Europe.

Per AP: "Lamborghini says its worldwide deliveries of super sports cars rose 30 percent last year to 2,083 units but remained shy of pre-crisis highs. The Italian carmaker owned by Volkswagen said Tuesday that deliveries were up by half in its top U.S. market and up by 34 percent in Europe despite the region's financial crisis. Revenues for the year were up 46 percent to (EURO)469 million ($610 million). The car company, based in Sant'Agata Bolognese, sold a record 2,430 cars in 2008 before the global economic crisis devastated the luxury market. Last year's sales comprised 922 new Aventador LP 700-4 and 1,161 Gallardos. Lamborghini previewed the one-off Lamborghini Veneno at the Geneva Motor Show last week to mark its 50th anniversary."

And now, because it is a painfully slow centrally-planned news days, here are some gratuitous photos of Lambos: