Guess Which Country The IMF Forecasts Will Grow The Most In 2016

The IMF - known for its independence, thoroughness, and Keynesian multiplier fiascoes - is the go-to institution to back any bullish-scenario because one can always rely on any dip in data or markets to hockey-stick back to textbook trend. With that background, we thought it fascinating to see, as Bloomberg Brief notes, which European nation is expected to be the leading economy for the entire Eurozone in 2016. As a hint, in Q4 2012 its economy fell 5.7% YoY, and the nation's overall economy has shrunk 20% since the regression began in 2008. As a final hint, the nation's Finance Minister on Monday told The Guardian the nation was over the worst. We can only hope the 60%-plus of youth that remain unemployed are buoyed by these rosy projections.



Chart: Bloomberg Briefs


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