The Sun Just Set On The German Empire In Cyprus As Locals Tear Down German Flag

While images of burning flags in the middle-east are not unusual and we have become numb to visions of angry mobs stomping over Western flags, the sight in the clip below of the typically calm and serene Mediterraneans turned Cypriot mob climbing atop the German Embassy in Cyprus and tearing down the German flag may well be a glimpse of what is to come in the next few days as the government nears their voting deadline and banks near their re-opening...


Via ekathimerini,

Protesters took down the flag at the German embassy


Many people have gathered outside the presidential palace, in which a protest on the agreement between the government and the haircut Eurogroup for deposits.


Protesters hold banners and shout slogans against the Troika and the Memorandum. Earlier, demonstrators portion en route to the Presidential Palace, went to the German Embassy.


Protester climbed on the roof of the building pulled down the German flag from the mast and threw it on the road. The other protesters tried to get the flag, but police who were lined outside the embassy and collected. The police presence in the area is important, but discreet.