ECB Responds To Cyprus, Says "Will Provide Liquidity To Cyprus Within Existing Rules"

We were waiting for the ECB response, and seconds ago we got it, when the ECB uttered the magic words, saying it would provide "liquidity within existing rules." What this means is unclear, but the algos loved it and sent the EURUSD up over 50 pips higher in milliseconds. What the algos apparently don't get is that this does not account for the additional liquidity needed that would only be released if Cyprus passed the bailout vote. The last thing the ECB wants is to appear weak, and fold letting every other broke deadbeat country to demand the same equitable treatment and diluting Germany's political might. For now however, the is a move to be faded.

This is not news as the ELA was always there... and the market realized that as soon as ES hit VWAP... fading now...


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