Meanwhile, At Cyprus Airport...

A quick glance at the Larnaca runways, also known as the Russian (and perhaps even other, but that would impair the media narrative that "only Russian tax-evading oligarchs are evil") private jet parking lot, shows that things are as heated as ever, although maybe just a tad less heated. Channel 4's Faisal Islam observes that while there are 12 private jets on the tarmac, this is one less then ten days ago. When this number drop to zero, the Cypriot depression has officially begun.

But what is funniest is that the the sign advising departing passengers to please limit their cash outflows to just €1000 per passenger is quite noticeably in Russian in the lower version. Fear not: all the Russian money has long since left the now broke country.

h/t @faisalislam


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