Mario Draghi Press Conference - Live Webcast

The earlier ECB rate announcement came and went just as expected, and without granularity. Much more interesting will be the latest press conference. And if the last one was any indication, sparks will fly: recall that it was in March that "The ECB's Press Corps Realize They Have No Idea What OMT Is: "The Rules Are What They Are" Explains Draghi" - we look forward to FT's Michael Steen posting the same question to the former Goldmanite as it has been a month and... no term sheet, no details, nothing. Other expected questions: the "non-recurring yet blueprint template" nature of Cyprus, what the slowdown in LTRO repayments means, how the ECB will deal with the decelerating economy, and perhaps most importantly: what happens to deposits in other European banks? While we don't expect an actual answer to any of these, if indeed it is the globalist prerogative to accelerate the velocity of money by "spooking" it out of deposits and into circulation by spending or buying stocks, Draghi may have a stunner or two up his sleeve.


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