From The Painfully Obvious To The Utterly Ridiculous - Your Taxpayer Dollars At Work

Until now it has been up to the San Francisco Fed to carry the torch for digging-holes-and-filling-them-back-in style research but the Boston Fed may just have trumped them. In the past the SF Fed has found the painfully obvious such as: it is Bernanke's fault that unemployment duration is so long, that 'this time it really is different', and asked what effect QE3 will have on the US economy. But this research article on the effect of sunspots by the Boston Fed takes the proverbial biscuit. The conclusion, which is perhaps useful for the propagandists-in-chief, is that during sunspot activity, people act less rationally. What next? Do Sagittarians make better lovers economists? We are sure all of these discussions are well researched and will be helpful for tenure and possibly the next Nobel prize.


Boston Fed - Sunspots


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