Meet The Fed Employee Who Leaked The FOMC Minutes

Presenting Brian Gross, Special Assistant to the Fed for Congressional Liaison, who as Bloomberg reveals, is the person who released the FOMC minutes at 2 pm yesterday. Amusingly, Brian worked as Chief Ethics Officer while he was a deputy staff direct on the Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee. Just as amusing is that according to his LinkedIn profile, Brian is involved in virtually every governmental organization, up to an including the Securities and Exchange Commission Alumni Association.

From LinkedIn

And from a testimonial on behalf of Brian:

Derek V. Baker

Real Estate Agent at Keller-Williams Realty


Brian Gross is one of those rare people that knows something about everything, except he knows a *lot* about everything. His knowledge and expertise is so broad that he is invariably the one you go to when you need solid information and fast. He was an excellent boss and knows how to cultivate employees to reach their highest potential.

January 21, 2011, Derek V. reported to Brian at The Hon. Phil Gramm