Herbalife LBO Imminent?

A new twist in the neverending battle between Icahn and Ackman over the true value of Herbalife emerged moments ago when while reading from the criminal complaint filed against the charged former KPMG auditor Scott London, CNBC's Jane Wells cited an email from London to his "client" that "Herbalife was going to go private." Supposedly this means that Icahn is not just sitting there and twiddling his thumbs waiting for Ackman to be crushed under the weight of JCPenney, but that he, or someone else, is preparing an imminent LBO, if at least the data KPMG had until its resignation as HLF's auditor is credible.  Why, however, an auditor would know what an equity investor's plans for the company are, remains unclear.

Full Criminal complaint:

h/t @alchemy_destiny


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