Is This What Cyprus Has To Look Forward To?

In Greece "Cribs" is known as "Caves." Watch the following video to understand why.



Just a year after Greece's 'bailout', and with equity markets surging, bond yields plunging, and the politicians proclaiming victory, the reality for the man on the street is simply dire. As this clip and images from News.It show, Greece is in trouble (as we recently noted its unemployment rate continues to surge higher). Is this what Cyprus has to look forward to?


Via News.It, (Google Translate)

Unfortunately it is not fun. Our fellowmen by overnight lost their jobs, they prefer to live in the caves of Filopappos only owe rent who can not pay. As they say - its better than being homeless.

These people who until yesterday were householders had their home, their fine clothes and a normal life.

Yet their lives brought them so they lost their job and slowly - slowly began to lose everything ... except dignity. Their dignity also led them to the caves Filopappos. From owe rents and charges, preferred the canyons and caves of rough paths of the historic hill.


Characteristic is the case of Mr George who became unemployed 3 years ago. Their economies had managed to maintain his home until 2 years ago, then he was out into the street. One day he heard the mess of Saint Nicholas Filopappou from other homeless people to say about the caves of the hill and decided that from now on will be a cave is home to the villa ... on accuracy.

So got that furniture had not had and brought them to his new home.

The difficulties of course are many, especially in winter. As much as it covers a cave with tarpaulins and nylon, the cold will crawl says Mr. George who only DESIRES is to find a job to leave the road.

Caves Filopappos living today, about 15 people, among them a pair.