Concerned Marathoners Prompt Boston Plane Grounding Due To Arabic Passengers - Live Stream

UPDATE: In an unrelated event, Laguardia Airport has been evacated due to a suspicious package

And so the flashbacks to the aftermath of 9/11 begin, as apparently the only catalyst necessary to have a plane grounded and returned to the gate is to speak Arabic...

Via MyFoxBoston,

Sources told FOX 25 there was an American Airlines flight that was headed to Chicago. There were two men on that plane – not sitting next to each other – and speaking Arabic.


There were some concerned marathoners on the flight so the plane was brought back to the gate and the two men were escorted off the plane.


No other details were immediately available.

CBS adds the following stunner:


A picture on the ground from Boston:


Live Stream


So in hopes of diffusing what is already a very tense, if ridiculous situation, here is how in a world where Murphy's Law dominates and all it takes to be judged a potential terrorist is to have a deep tan and speak a language the average American is not familiar with (i.e., most of them), airplane seating truly works:



In an unrelated event, Laguardia airport has been evacuated...