Update: Boston Bombing Suspect HAS NOT BEEN Arrested; Boston Courthouse Evacuated

First we got headlines coming out, from CNN and WCVB TV in Boston, that a suspect is now in custody:

  • Law enforcement official: Boston Marathon bomb suspect in custody, expected in federal court.
  • Janet Wu reports it is a man who was arrested.
  • The officials says the suspect is to be taken into custody by federal marshals and taken to a courthouse. 
  • There is no immediate word on where the arrest was made.   
  • Suspects at Federal Court are brought into an entrance away from public view.
  • Jack Harper says the security at the Federal Courthouse is almost unprecedented.
  • A source tells Newscenter5's WuWCVB that one male suspect delivered both bombs.

AP confirmed:



Then this became a media pissing match with both NBC and Reuters denying reports from CNN, AP and WCVB (on the ground), that no arrest has been made.

* * *

And now CNN is denying its original report that a suspect has been arrested. At least no report yet of the Boston Federal Court being under 9 feet of water.

Finally, here comes the FBI:


And the Boston Police itself chimes in:

Well - "New Normal" media.

Latest: Boston courthouse now being evacuated due to a Code Red, as well as Brigham Hospital:


Here is live coverage from the Boston Federal Court via WCVB Boston: