Photos And Video Of Boston Bombing Suspects Released

Moments ago the FBI released on its website, which was promptly DDOSed, pictures and a video clip of the two Boston Bombing suspects. Both appear Caucasian. The pics are attached below. The FBI is requesting tips from anyone who has information on these people of interest.

The suspects

Suspect 1 and 2 on the same photo:

Suspect 1 first photo:

Second photo:

Suspect 2 is the person the FBI believes is the person who left a backpack on location:

Second photo:

And Third:

And a fourth (h/t @cr3dit)

The video.


Also, it appears that "obviously suspect #1 , may be a golfer", to paraphrase El Duderino. From the Smoking Gun:

2013One Of The Boston Marathon Bomb Suspects Was Wearing A Bridgestone Golf Cap


One of the two suspects being sought by the FBI in connection with the Boston Marathon bombings is wearing a cap with the Bridgestone Golf logo.


As seen in surveillance images released this afternoon, suspect #1’s black cap has the capital letter “B” on its front and a white chevron between the hat’s bill and crown.


As seen below, a photo taken by a race spectator captured the suspect as he walked past the Forum restaurant on Boylston Street (where the second explosion occurred). That image shows that the back of the man’s cap contained four white figures, likely "B330."


As seen here, a similar black Bridgestone cap carries those numbers, a reference to the company’s B330 golf ball.