Boston: A Photographic Retrospective

It has been a tumultuous and terrible week with every emotion being played out in public, real-time across every social media source. This is an attempt at visually preserving and memorializing this week's events.

Everything was going as planned for one of the most prestigious marathons in the world


The elite athletes had completed their race


The rest of the pack (still incredible athletes to qualify for Boston) continued their trudge through the 26.2 miles


And then at around 4 hours in, this


and then this



Chaos and devastation


Heroes emerged


First responders with uniforms


... and without


The suspects were first unknown but identified in a few days



Then the manhunt began


Following a shoot out on MIT Campus


Which left one police officer dead


As well as one of the suspects


Quickly Boston was put into lockdown mode


A city on the verge of martial law


As the manhunt began


As the suspects were identified, family members came forward


Neighborhoods were evacuated


... and searched for bombs


As bewildered residents looked on


Even the journalists were told to provide "ground coverage"


Then as night was about to fall and the suspect remained uncovered, shots were heard


And the showdown siege began


The second suspect was discovered - in a boat


SWAT teams swooped in


And Suspect 2 was captured


Law enforcement celebrated


As did the people


'Friends' were rounded up


And all was well: a perfect ending.

... or just the beginning?



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