US Macro Data Plunges To 5-Month Low

In the last few weeks, US macro data has missed expectant extrapolated hope expectations time after time. The deterioration has been very rapid, starting around the third week of March, and has plunged to the worst levels since the ubiquitous equity rally began in November 2012. Combined with dismal micro- performance (and outlooks) from the likes of IBM, GE, and CAT, is there any doubt that this 'market' is disconnected not just from current reality but that 'priced-in' hopes for a hockey-stick-recovery seem improbable at best and exuberant at worst?


The US equity 'market' vs Bloomberg's US Macro Economic Surprise Index...


and Bloomberg Brief's Rich Yamarone has some recent examples that may make this week's GDP hopes look a little rich...

Chart: Bloomberg


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