US Flip Flops, Now "Believes" Syria Used Chemical Weapons

The tension to "liberate" Syria is palpable. It took just 24 hours for the US to do an about face on its position on Syria, where yesterday, as Bloomberg reported, "U.S. officials said they haven’t seen conclusive evidence supporting an assertion by Israel’s top military intelligence analyst that Syrian government forces have used chemical weapons against rebels. Secretary of State John Kerry and spokesmen from the White House and the Pentagon said investigations haven’t produced hard proof that Bashar al-Assad’s regime has used toxic chemicals -- a step that President Barack Obama has said would cross a “red line." Fast forward to today, and we get pretty much the opposite opposite: "The United States believes with varying degrees of confidence that Syria's regime has used chemical weapons on a small scale, the White House said on Thursday."

However, unwilling to step into another completely fabricated "false flag" conflict, with memories of Bush's non-existent WMDs still fresh, it added "that President Barack Obama needed "credible and corroborated" facts before acting on that assessment."

 So let's get this straight: no credible or corroborated facts, but the administration "believes" Syria has used Chemical weapons? "Sad" is perhaps the only word available to describe this kind of pre-war mongering propaganda by an administration that vowed to be the "most transparent", and is led by a Nobel peace prize winner.

The disclosure, made by the White House in a letter to Congress and by U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to reporters, moves the United States closer to declaring that Syria has crossed Obama's "red line" on some kind of deeper involvement in the country's civil war."

So what happens when the Nobel peace prize winner decided to send an armada of remote controlled killer planes to liberate an army supported by Al Qaeda, with just a few thousand women and children as collateral damage? Reuters explains:

The White House has not specified what action Obama might take if he determines with certainty that Syria has crossed that red line with any chemical weapons use. But in its letter to lawmakers, it warned it was ready to respond.


"The administration is prepared for all contingencies so that we can respond appropriately to any confirmed use of chemical weapons, consistent with our national interest," Miguel Rodriguez, White House director of the office of legislative affairs, said in a letter to lawmakers.


The White House said the assessment that Syria's regime had used chemical weapons - specifically the chemical agent sarin - was based in part on physiological samples.


"The intelligence community has been assessing information for some time on this issue and the decision to reach this conclusion was made in the past 24 hours," Hagel told reporters in Abu Dhabi.


The White House stressed that, given the stakes involved, intelligence assessments alone were not sufficient. It said "facts that provide us with some degree of certainty will guide our decision making."

In other words, the only question is just when will Obama trample all over the War Powers Act once again in order to push the country into another exempt, "temporary" conflict, which will end up being quite permanent once Russia makes it all too clear that it still views Syria, where it has a key middle east naval base, as its own strategic interest.

Judging by the response in crude, it won't be too long.

Finally, a quick look at the fringe benefits of the Syrian "liberation" shows that the country has some two Cypruses worth of gold... all of which will likely soon be confiscated.

Source: WGC


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