Italian Bad Loans Re-Accelerate - Up 21.7% YoY

With markets screaming that Europe is fixed and Italian sovereign bond spreads back near pre-crisis levels, we thought it somewhat interesting that delinquent loans in the country just surged by their most in almost 18 months as bad debt begin to re-accelerate. ANSA notes that over EUR130 billion of Italian debt is currently delinquent (+21.7% YoY) and this comes on the heels of the Bank of Italy's demand that Italian banks increase their loan loss provisions are 'disappointing' audits in March. As we noted previously, the percentage of loans in delinquency rose from around 3% in 2008 to 6.3% in February 2012, and assuming a relatively flat total private sector credit creation in the last year (which is probably conservative since fragmentation has been soaring), the current percentage of loans in default is approaching 8% of the total.