Where In The World Are The Millionaires Hiding?

More millionaires live in Tokyo than in any other city, according to a new report from WealthInsight, beating out New York and London. The Economist notes that the city, which boasts 460,700 individuals with net assets of $1m or more (excluding their primary residences), is home to over a fifth of Japan's millionaires. However, when it comes to real money (since who can get by on a mere million dollars worth of wealth these days), London tops the list with 4,224 multi-millionaires. But when it comes to the real BSDs, New York City and Moscow rule the world with 70 and 64 billionaires respectively wondering the streets. As The Economist also notes, should you wish to rub shoulders with the rich, heading to Tokyo, London, New York, or Moscow would be a mistake - it is Frankfurt that has the highest millionaires per capita (with 75 out of every 1000 people having at least a seven figure net worth).






Source: The Economist