European Bonds Plunge Most In 8 Months, Stocks Worst Week In 2 Months

European stocks fell for a second day-in-a-row (notable in its own right as not having happened for 5 weeks) for the biggest drop in 6 weeks capping the worst week in 2 months. Spain and Italy saw their stock indices drop 3.6% on the week. But it was European banks and peripheral sovereign bonds that saw the most damage. As JPY-funded leveraged momo come rapidly undone, Italian and Spanish bond spreads saw their biggest 2-day drop in 8 months to end back at 5-week highs. EURUSD ends the week up 0.6% (and the JPY +2.2%) as repatriation escalates. Europe's VIX is holding around 18.% (up 2.5 vols on the week).



As stocks play catch-down to credit...


which leaves the last 2 days for peripheral bonds as the worst in 8 months... (back above 300bps for the first time in six weeks)


Charts: Bloomberg


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