Spot The Trend In US Durable Goods And CapEx Spending

Today's headline Durable Goods number came, largely as expected, solidly positive. After all, following last month's revised -5.9% sequential collapse, there was only one it could go. However, even so the broad number was largely driven by the usual volatile series: transportation and defense spending. On the other hand, the picture om pure Capital Spending land was mixed, with Cap Goods orders non-defense ex aircraft beating expectations of a 0.5% print at 1.2%, while Shipments missed, dropping from +0.5% to -1.5% and missing expectations of a -0.5% print. There is one big caveat: as usual, April always has been a big down month on a not seasonally adjusted basis. Which means the headline scanning algos were more focused on the ARIMA X 12 adjustments than the underlying data.

So in order to crystalize the underlying trends, we have present the four key data series in a simple year over year basis. The trend is very clear.

Durable Goods:


Durable Goods ex transports:


Capex: Core Capital Goods Shipments:


Capex: Core Capital Goods Orders:


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