As A Reminder, AT&T, Verizon And Others Have Been Providing NSA With Phone Records Since 2001

When it comes to events from the recent "for the collective good" history, America appears to have a very short memory. Because if it could remember further back than just 15 (milli)seconds, it would recall this USA Today front page from May 11, 2006:


To summarize:

On May 11, 2006, USA Today published an article reporting that AT&T, Verizon, and Bellsouth had been providing the NSA with the telephone records of “tens of millions of Americans” since shortly after September 11, 2001. Called “the largest database ever assembled in the world” by the newspaper’s source, its purported goal was to “‘create a database of every call ever made’ within the nation’s borders.”

Back then everyone denied everything.

Although it was not implicated in the story, Qwest, a teleco that operates primarily in the West and Northwest, quickly stated that it had not participated in the NSA program. Shortly thereafter, both BellSouth and Verizon also denied involvement. BellSouth demanded that USA Today state for the record that it had not been involved with the NSA. Eventually, on June 30, 2006, USA Today withdrew the story as it applied to Verizon and BellSouth... Unlike BellSouth and Verizon, AT&T neither confirmed nor denied assisting the NSA, asserting that the U.S. Department of Justice said discussing the program would harm national security

Good - so we now know Verizon was lying and AT&T was and likely still continues to cooperate with the NSA. Any questions?

So - once again - what exactly is the news? That Americans are being spied upon? This has been the case for the past 12 years!

Oh, we know - it must is the "stunning" realization that the person who created the following morphed photo actually knew what they were doing.