Treasury Yields Spike To New 14 Month Highs

30Y rates are up 4bps and 10Y rates up 5bps as a combination of MBS convexity hedging, Taper chatter, and growth hopiness flutter across the bond market. This has backed 10Y and 30Y rates up to their highest since April 2012 - getting close to some significant support/resistance from the last few years. Mortgage spreads have stabilized up here at their highest since July (around 83bps) but just as a delicate reminder, the last time bond yields spiked to this degree, equities began to wonder just what was going on? With so much of the investing public having bought bond-like-stocks at the behest of every talking head and asset-gatherer under-the-sun, we wonder at what point do the arguments about a great rotation from bonds to stocks (since gosh, 10Y bond prices are down 3% in the last month) turn to a rotation from bond-like-stocks to bond-like-bonds...



Or more simply, the market's (or the Fed's) realization that 'normalizing' rates here will crush the economy as interest expense surges (think Japan...)

Charts: Bloomberg