Images Of Taksim Square Tear Gas Usher In 2010 Greek PTSD Flashback For Market

Moments ago CNBC cued to the its gas-mask clad coverage from a violent Taksim Square, where a crowd of 50,000 was just getting the tear gas treatment from the local police. And sure enough, going back to the question we posed first thing this morning whether with "a big demonstration is due in a few hours: will Taksim Square June 2013 be the "Waddel and Reed/May 2010" Syntagma Square flash crash equivalent?", we got the answer courtesy of the USDJPY which just tumbled over 80 pips in the span of minutes and dragged down not only the S&P but the Nikkei with it. We hope the NSA has a read on just where Waddell and Reed is located exactly this moment or else things may get very Syntagmaish Squarish circa May 2010 in a hurry...



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